Filozófiánk, hogy a versenyzésen kívül, abban is segítsünk a kerékpáros  sporttársaknak, hogyan készüljenek fel egy hazai túrára, vagy akár a CrossAlps-ra. A mentális és fizikai felkészítés mellett kerékpár kezelési praktikákban, és akár a kerékpár szervizelésében is segítséget nyújtunk, valamint klub programokat szervezünk.

Hírek és beszámolók

Wouter beszámolója a VeszprémCross versenyről


Wouter beszámolója a VeszprémCross versenyről

15-11-15: Supercross Veszprem: realitycheck.

In my 15 years of mountainbiking, I can't remember ever having to step down to recover from injuries. Did I have luck for 15years? Or bad luck in this year? Well, I still can't fully answer this question, but a fact is a fact and so I had to get out of racing after the last marathon 4 weeks ago. First, I had 2 weeks family time, then only some easy spinning and hoping for the injuries to go away the natural way. Result after 4 weeks: the knee feels good, the thumb can work, but only to 80% and my shoulder is still giving me troubles. Not the sharp pain from the beginning, but still enough pain to cause me stress. So, to stay out of competition all winter and to make sure I get back in 2016 or just to give it a shot and see what happens??

Yep, as I participated last weekend, you already know the answer J. I couldn't resist, had to find out where I stood. Would I be able to go at racingspeed without a constant fear? Or, would I have to slow down and search for confidence? Or would it still be impossible to ride without pain??

Well, the Veszprem cross was the perfect answer. The weather was good, nice and warm (11), a little drizzle and if you are stupid enough to race on slicks, well, surely it would test my skills and I would learn where my comfortzone was very soon.

The start was the usual disaster, pushed away to 15th spot, but in the sand, I was lucky that a big group got stuck and I had a clear line going to 7th spot. Unfortunately, the 2 guys in front of me crashed and blocked the way. So, the first group was gone, but, I found a real good collegue in Pelikan. He was going crazy fast and I was happy to stay with him. He closed the gap to the first in half a loop and on the final roadstretch to the finish, he jumped to 2nd position, I was in 3rd. 3rd?? Woow, well, 4 weeks without training wasn't that bad I guess. Sure, my HF was going crazy but I could go. In every turn, I was on the edge and with more rain, it only became worse. So, even if I might keep up with the leader (Buzso) on the straights, I was losing time in every turn. Solution: look for the limits. And yes, it also means going over the limit, slipping and sliding, mistakes and a lot of fast reflexes to keep the rubber down. But, I guess this was exactly what I needed! I had to safe my ass 50 times and never I felt scared. It was natural, no pain in the shoulder, just perfect. After 4 loops I realized I had to go a little more carefull, as I didn't expect to keep up 1hr at those insane high hartrates. Just when I had decided to go more carefull, I hit some rock and punctured my reartire. 800meter to the technical zone to find my sparewheel also flat L. Ok, still changed the wheel with the help of Veronika and her son Gergő and after 2min I was back on track. to find myself in the tech area 1 loop later again. So, the tire was losing pressure, but I managed to find a system to pump enough (well, Gergő did, thx!) to make 2loops before the next pitstop. Real interval training J The problems didn't feel like a bad thing, as I felt already like a winner. I could race again without fear or pain + my shape wasn't completely gone, enough reasons to be happy! Finally, I even made it to 4th place and so I see the Veszprem cross as the first real training for my 2016 season.

Hope to make a next test without too many mistakes in the first Kőbányai Bringapark Kupa next weekend,

See you then,


Thanks to Tamas and Szilvi for the pictures!!



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