Filozófiánk, hogy a versenyzésen kívül, abban is segítsünk a kerékpáros  sporttársaknak, hogyan készüljenek fel egy hazai túrára, vagy akár a CrossAlps-ra. A mentális és fizikai felkészítés mellett kerékpár kezelési praktikákban, és akár a kerékpár szervizelésében is segítséget nyújtunk, valamint klub programokat szervezünk.

Hírek és beszámolók

Vértes marathon: my first race in 2017, my last Hungarian race

Yes, it finally happened, I am dead, again… What is different this time? I realize for the first time that I am truly exhausted, have been tired for forever, have had exhausted moments before, for the last 10-15 years, but this one is not going away anymore!!! I have been living too hard, it was always my style, do everything fast, hard and try to do twice as much in a day than is good for anyone. Rest? Pft, waste of time, “I only live once, so better make it count!” This is how I have been going for the last 10-15 years and now it seems it’s over.

Vértes marathon: my first race in 2017, my last Hungarian race

I got older, I am getting wiser?? For sure I got more tired J. Time to see the lesson here, to act before this thing becomes/is chronical and really messes up all the stuff I love in life.

So, I will start here and now with my recovery and I don’t expect it to be short! I will stop racing, will slow down in everything. Sure, the planned adventures will happen, but at touring speed, to still to be able to enjoy my passion: exploring nature, trails, riding, fun with friends…

I do lose something I really love, to race, but hey, life is more than the races, so I will be fine, I just pray I didn’t completely destroy my health forever, that I will recover 1 day in the future. Now it’s time for relaxing, exploring with the family, going on trips on the motorbike, preparing the move to Belgium etc…

Vertes, 55km 1200hm, 1st place.  Oohhh, when I race, I forget the problems…

For the last 12 weeks, I have been in troubles, I knew I was tired, but I hoped by sleeping a couple of days, that it would be ok, that I could start training, but with every start, I relapsed, it got worse… Finally, 7days before 4islands, I quit riding 100% and it was enough to survive the 4 rides. After it, I took another 7 days of, but life was full with travelling, stress for house hunting, a 1375km car drive Be-Hu to the early morning, and hop, back to 0. And then there was Vertes. Expectations? 0, to ride…

But, after I started, I forgot everything, and I went full. I raced the full race at my maximum possible level and… I won.

Happy? Sure! Not the winning, but to feel speed, to be able to forget the misery, my handicap, oh, great!!! But at what cost? 5min after the finish I knew the reality would hit me around Wednesday and….. I felt shit on Thursday, sick and fever on Friday through the weekend. This is the real answer, I raced, sure, but more, I killed myself again! This is no way to go, I need a big change!

So, this is the end of my Hungarian season, sorry to the people who helped me, but this is the only right thing to do.

Enjoy the rides, keep healthy and hope to see you on some adventure in the near future!!


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