Filozófiánk, hogy a versenyzésen kívül, abban is segítsünk a kerékpáros  sporttársaknak, hogyan készüljenek fel egy hazai túrára, vagy akár a CrossAlps-ra. A mentális és fizikai felkészítés mellett kerékpár kezelési praktikákban, és akár a kerékpár szervizelésében is segítséget nyújtunk, valamint klub programokat szervezünk.

Hírek és beszámolók

Endura gloves test

Well, I think now I must be ready for any kind of ride in any kind of weather :)

Endura gloves test


Well, we are still in winterland and after my sponsor Endura  changed my life and my winterriding experiences by supporting me with some great jackets and baggies, now I also could test some gloves, the MTR racing gloves and the Windchill wintergloves.

The Endura MTR gloves:

Already for some time, I have been using the MTR gloves for what they were ment for: racing. Well, just like I experienced with my baggy shorts from the same line, the MTR line,  these products are made by racers for racers and that’s just something you can feel instantly… You put them on and you can forget them. What???  Well, it means they fit perfect and the best clothes for me are the ones that shape up so naturally that you don’t feel them, they become like a second skin. Sure, they are more than just goodlooking, they are  strong with Kevlar reinforcements to survive the rubbing from the bars, the shifting (and even some crashes?), they are warm enough to go in the cx races in the winter, but still light enough and super breathable to be used also in the other seasons, great grip, some special fabric on the thumb to get the sweat from your eyes (yes, I do sweat in races J ), so testing will happily continu in all the races to come!! (and I hope not to crash too much and  too hard, I wanna keep them…)

The Endura Windchill gloves:

Well, as we don’t have races every day, there are also the days for normal riding. So, it means slower rides and there for you need hotter gloves in winter. To create a glove that can keep the elements –cold, wind, rain, snow,…- outside and that keep the bodytemperature inside without creating sweaty hands, well, it has always been and will always be a difficult balance to find. So far in my life, after 20y of riding, I have had 1 set that was succesfull in all these criteria. So, 10y after I destroyed these last ones, I was a little skeptical about these windchill gloves. But, …, the Endura guys and girls pulled it off again! Waaw, they are light and so you keep a perfect feeling with the bar, the shifters and the brakes, but it’s also warm enough thanks to the windproof layer to keep your hands protected! Even some sad rainy day can’t get through! Not sure for heavy rain (not tested yet), but in drizzle, they kept my hands warm, no sweating, just protecting from outside elements. So, the layer composition is spot on! But, layers is 1 thing, the shape of the glove, length of fingers etc is another. I have found out that wintergloves should never be tight, no, better to have just a little space everywhere, but there comes my personal problem: long fingers… But, nope, with these gloves I have finally found, after 10y of suffering, another good solution for the nice longer winter rides, the Endura windchill gloves, oh yeah!! And,  this time I will be smarter, I will order some extra to be sure not to get in another 10y of searching if this model would get replaced somewhere in the future  ;)…

So, once again, big thanks to Endura for showing me the fun again in outdoor training-racing all year long, whatever the weather is like!! I love you!


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