Filozófiánk, hogy a versenyzésen kívül, abban is segítsünk a kerékpáros  sporttársaknak, hogyan készüljenek fel egy hazai túrára, vagy akár a CrossAlps-ra. A mentális és fizikai felkészítés mellett kerékpár kezelési praktikákban, és akár a kerékpár szervizelésében is segítséget nyújtunk, valamint klub programokat szervezünk.

Hírek és beszámolók

Bike marathon Huneduara: last mtb race of the season?

After the Transdinara, I was stupid –again-, but I was punished as well L. I was tired, had the injury on my left leg leaving me handicapped in reflexspeed, but still I was crazy enough to go for trailriding with the boys on a new untested bike! Man, that must be like 5 mistakes in 1 sentence! And I still did it and sure, I crashed… Not just a stupid crash, but 1 with consequences, I broke the sidewing of a vertebra and hurt the muscles attaching the spine to my hipbone, enough not to be able to do a lot, not even sleeping… Game over –again- ? Nope, I tried to recover fast sitting on the trainer, even doing roadrides and, with some tears from time to time, I felt the recovery was fast, much faster than the predicted 3 months…

Bike marathon Huneduara: last mtb race of the season?

So, 1 month later, time to go racing. To be honest, it would be a test, I didn’t know just how the back would react to full throttle riding. Sure, I tested already trails, even some power climbs and it was painful, but possible, but to go full all race long on a tough track like this? Well, I would know soon…

10 h, beautiful weather, steep hills in all the colors of autumn, hmm, I felt happy already… The start is a typical climb: steep, steeper and steepest! So, no real time for suffering, you go straight from 0 to 100%. And, it seems I wasn’t doing too bad as I could make a small gap already to Marci. Looking back, I saw that another young guy was with him and so I decided to keep pushing all the way to the first top. It was enough to get out of sight into the first trails in the forest. And, yep, too fast, I nearly missed the entry to the first descent, had to cut through the forest back to the trail and within seconds I made more mistakes. Calm down! I was too eager to go fast and attacking in descents is just not smart with pain still reminding me of the last stupidities… So, I concentrated  on the signs, tried to get the HF down and started to enjoy the fact that I could fly again with the bike on the trails, what a great feeling. In the open parts between forests, I couldn’t see Marci and so relaxed a little. But, after not racing for 4 weeks, it’s hard to go easy. Also, the climbs here are crazy, it’s not a climb, it’s trying to stay on the bike and to get up… Good power intervals and I enjoyed the middle part till the first waterpoint. Here I made the 1 mistake of the day, I was talking to the people and I only refilled 1 bottle… I realized within 5min that it would be far to get to waterpoint 2, so I tried to go easy on the drinking, but still, the weather was too good and sure, I ran out of water. Luckily, on 1 of the checkpoints, the guy had some bottles of water and so I could refill. Already, I was slowing down because of dehydration, but the damage was limited and after only 5min I could speed up again and drink the 750ml in 5km to waterpoint 2. Besides some suicide dogs on the trails, I never got into other troubles and so I was ready for the last part, but the organization still had 1 surprise, we had to climb to the top in the castle, make a loop and go down on the same way, a little confusing, but what a views!! After this, the last trail to the finish and yes, I am back!  With a win!!! Sad to end the season, but I guess winning is still the best way to end it…

Now it’s time for some playing, some cx, so I had already rebuild my HT RAM xc race to cx-machine, but it seems changed the rules and no mtb’s are allowed to the races!? I really can’t understand this new rule as cyclocross is small in Hungary, very small and so when you want to promote a new sport, I think you need to attract as many people as possible, to get a big group and the highest level as possible. I had just promoted this fun winter riding to Marci, told him to put the fixed fork as well and to join the party, but , it seems some people want it different. I guess it’s the modern times, it not important to do something right, only to look right. Man, when I am commenting modern times, i must be (too?) old and damned, in 2 weeks, I am officially ready for master 2, hmm, shouldn’t I consider to quit?



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